Assignment Advisory Board

CONTACT INFORMATIONFor the person completing this report.
NameLisa Warren
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Official Name of the BoardAssignment Advisory Board
Effective date of establishment12/2015
Authorized byAdministrative Rules and Procedures (ARP)
Board Reports To (if applicable)Chancellor
Scope of ImpactSystem
Type of BoardStanding

The Assignment Advisory Group (AAG) consists of the provost, the chair and vice chair of the Faculty Senate and the chancellor. Its role is to provide the initial review of proposals for new and revised policies and rules, and to assign them to either the Administrative Track or the Academic Track to focus the vetting process. The AAG designates the representative and other official university boards ("Review Groups") to be requested to provide formal review and comment relative to each policy or rule proposal.


The AAG is responsible to make decisions which determine the path(s) that policy and rule proposals will follow during the Review and Comment period. (See ARP, Rule 1.10, Part 6. Sections C. 1. and 2.)

What is the process for selecting a chair?

Decisions are made by majority vote, with the Chancellor's vote controlling in the event of a tie. Technically, there is no chair.

Chair for 2018-19 Academic Year
NameDan Arvizu
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Co-Chair for 2018-19 Academic Year
Additional Membership Details
Members are appointed byBy Position
Position appointment description

The membership consists of the Chancellor, the Executive Vice President and Provost, the Faculty Senate Chair and Faculty Senate Vice Chair. (See ARP, Rule 1.10, Part 6, Section C.) General Counsel attends the meetings to provide procedural guidance and administrative support.

Are terms staggered?No
Are members subject to reappointment?No
What is the process for filling vacant positions?


Member List
Name Title Member Type
Voting Member
What university office/function provides administrative support to this board?

Office of General Counsel.

What are the requirements for the number of meetings to be held annually?

The meetings typically occur monthly, prior to the University Administrative Council meeting by several days.

Was the requirement for the number of meetings met?Yes
List of Meeting Dates

January 4, 2018
February 9, 2018
March 6, 2018
April 2, 2018
May 4, 2018
July 31, 2018
October 2, 2018
November 5, 218
December 19, 2018

Major Accomplishments

At the direction of the AAG, the following are some of the more significant policy proposals that went forward for revision or adoption:
ARP 15.62 - Protection of Federal Information was updated
ARP 15.63 - Protection of Customer Information; GLBA Compliance was updated
new ARP 5.10 and ARP 5.11 - Student Academic Conduct Code were approved in January, substantively revising the academic misconduct policy, effective for the Fall Semester 2018
new ARP 13.30 - Bonds - Post Issuance Tax Compliance Procedures was approved
new ARP 13.33 - Bonds- Post Issuance Continuing Disclosure Procedures was approved
ARP 2.10 - Administrative Unit Change Process was revised
ARP 16.40 - Legal Matters was revised
ARP 16.63 - Smoking and Tobacco Restrictions was revised
new RPM 13.30 - Bonds - Post-Issuance Tax Compliance policy was adopted
new RPM 13.33 - Bonds - Post Issuance Continuing Disclosures was adopted
RPM 1.36 - Role of University General Counsel was revised
RPM 16.60 - Responsible Alcohol Use was revised
ARP 4.68 - Curricula changes was revised
ARP 4.55 - Grade Reports was revised
new ARP 2.55 - Recognition of Affiliated Individuals was adopted
ARPs 17.05 through 17.40 (Athletic policies/rules) were revised
ARP 1.10 - Procedures to Revise NMSU Policies and Rules was revised as was RP 1.10, NMSU System Policies and Rules
ARP 7.32 - Faculty Salary Increase for Promotion was revised
ARP 8.56 - Holiday Day Leave Benefit was revised, with companion revisions to ARP 7.20 - Staff OT Pay or Comp Time
ARP 4.03 - Course Registration Changes After Deadline was revised
ARP 6.03 - Employment Categories was revised
ARP 3.80 - Prohibition of Non-Discriminatory Bullying, Hazing and Hostile Misconduct was revised
new ARP 7.21 - University Closure Pay was adopted
ARPs 16.01 through 16.5 (Police Security rules) were revised and adopted

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