CONTACT INFORMATIONFor the person completing this report.
NameDelia De Leon
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Official Name of the BoardAdmission Appeals Committee
Effective date of establishment2007
Authorizing Body or OfficialProvost
Type of BoardAd Hoc
Board Reports To (if applicable)Executive Vice President and Provost

Responsible for reviewing all petitions for admission submitted by persons who do not meet the new admission standards. It will be the responsibility of the petitioner to present a convincing rational for granting an exception.

Scope of ImpactCampus

Decision making -
The majority decision of the committee will be final in each case, with no appeal to any other person or group.

Chair for 2016-17 Academic Year
NameDelia De Leon
LastDe Leon
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Co-Chair for 2016-17 Academic Year
Was there a co-chair for 2016 - 2017?No
NameDelia De Leon
Chair for 2017-18 Academic Year
Co-Chair for 2017-18 Academic Year
LastDe Leon
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Is there a co-chair for 2017 - 2018?No
Additional Membership Details
What university function/office is responsible for appointments?

Executive Vice President and Provost

Members are appointed byCombination
Position appointment description

Members are nominated by the dean of each college and appointed by the provost. A minimum of five committee members must be in attendance before a decision can be rendered on any petition. Alternates will be called as needed to participate in any meeting for which a minimum of five regular members can not be present. Members serve three-year staggered terms.

Is membership representative?Yes
What are the terms of appointment?

Members serve three-year staggered terms

Please describe how the membership is representative.

Members represent each college

Are terms staggered?Yes
Are members subject to reappointment?Yes
Please explain the conditions under which members are subject to reappointment.

Appointed by the Executive Vice President and Provost

List board members for the 2016-17 academic year:For each member, provide name, title and college/department affiliation under the appropriate heading below (i.e. voting member OR ex-officio/non-voting member).
What is the process for filling vacant positions?

Member nominated by the Dean of each college and appointed by the Executive Vice President and Provost

What is the process for selecting a chair?

Position Appointment by the Executive Vice President and Provost

Number of voting members5
Number of ex-officio/non-voting members0
Voting Members
Voting Member 1
Voting Member 1 NameMaria Castillo
TitleAsst Prof
DepartmentCollege of Arts & Sciences
Voting Member 2 NameKathy Brook
Voting Member 2
TitleAsscoiate Dean
Voting Member 3
DepartmentCollege of Business
Voting Member 3 NameDeva Borah
Voting Member 4
Voting Member 4 NameLilian Rogers de Cibils
DepartmentCollege of Engineering
LastRogers de Cibils
TitleAsst Prof
DepartmentCollege of Education
Voting Member 5
Voting Member 5 NameAna Cardenas
TitleAsst Prof
DepartmentCollege of Arts & Sciences
Voting Member 6
Voting Member 7
Voting Member 8
Voting Member 9
Voting Member 10
Voting Member 11
Voting Member 12
Voting Member 13
Voting Member 14
Voting Member 15
Voting Member 16
Voting Member 17
Voting Member 18
Voting Member 19
Voting Member 20
Voting Member 21
Voting Member 22
Voting Member 23
Voting Member 24
Voting Member 25
Voting Member 26
Voting Member 27
Voting Member 28
Voting Member 29
Voting Member 30
Voting Member 31
Voting Member 32
Voting Member 33
Voting Member 34
Voting Member 35
Voting Member 36
Voting Member 37
Voting Member 38
Voting Member 39
Voting Member 40
Voting Member 41
Voting Member 42
Voting Member 43
Voting Member 44
Voting Member 45
Voting Member 46
Voting Member 47
Voting Member 48
Voting Member 49
Voting Member 50
Voting Member 51
Voting Member 52
Voting Member 53
Voting Member 54
Voting Member 55
Voting Member 56
Voting Member 57
Voting Member 58
Voting Member 59
Voting Member 60
Voting Member 61
Voting Member 62
Voting Member 63
Voting Member 64
Voting Member 65
Voting Member 66
Voting Member 67
Voting Member 68
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Members
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 1
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 2
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 3
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 4
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 5
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 6
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 7
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 8
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 9
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 10
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 11
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 12
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 13
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 14
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 15
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 16
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 17
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 18
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 19
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 20
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 21
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 22
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 23
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 24
What university office/function provides administrative support to this board?

Executive Vice President and Provost

What are the requirements for the number of meetings to be held annually?

As needed

Was the requirement for the number of meetings met?Yes
List of Meeting Dates

Meeting are set depending on whether or not appeals are submitted.

Major Accomplishments

We have not received any appeals since the implementation of the Holistic Admission process when the new admissions requirements were implemented.

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