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NameLuis Vazquez
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Official Name of the BoardCouncil of Associate Deans for Research
Effective date of establishment09/2011
Authorizing Body or OfficialProvost
Type of BoardStanding
Board Reports To (if applicable)Vice President for Research

The Council of Associate Deans for Research is an advisory group to recommend research policy and to coordinate operational research procedures among the colleges, university research institutes, and central research administration.

Scope of ImpactCampus


Chair for 2016-17 Academic Year
NameLuis Vazquez
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Co-Chair for 2016-17 Academic Year
Was there a co-chair for 2016 - 2017?No
NameLuis Vazquez
Chair for 2017-18 Academic Year
Co-Chair for 2017-18 Academic Year
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Is there a co-chair for 2017 - 2018?No
Additional Membership Details
What university function/office is responsible for appointments?

The college dean's individual appointment of their associate dean of research determines who will be on CADRE.

Members are appointed byBy Position
Position appointment description

The Council is composed of the associate deans for research of each of the colleges, the director of the physical science laboratory, director for the WRRI, and the University Research Council Chair, who serves as an ex officio capacity.

Is membership representative?Yes
What are the terms of appointment?

No terms, the positions are permanent dependent on who is employed in the position at the time of appointment.

Please describe how the membership is representative.

The membership is representative because each of the research deans and directors of the research centers are represented to ensure appropriate processes and working with research issues for NMSU.

Are terms staggered?No
Are members subject to reappointment?No
List board members for the 2016-17 academic year:For each member, provide name, title and college/department affiliation under the appropriate heading below (i.e. voting member OR ex-officio/non-voting member).
What is the process for filling vacant positions?


What is the process for selecting a chair?

Vice President for Research serves as the Chair

Number of voting members8
Number of ex-officio/non-voting members0
Voting Members
Voting Member 1
Voting Member 1 NameNatalie Goldberg
TitleAssociate Dean for Research
Voting Member 2 NameJim Murphy
Voting Member 2
TitleAssociate Dean for Research
Voting Member 3
Voting Member 3 NameBill Gould
TitleAssociate Dean for Research
Voting Member 4
Voting Member 4 NameSusan Brown
DepartmentCollege of Business
TitleAssociate Dean for Research
DepartmentCollege of Education
Voting Member 5
Voting Member 5 NamePhillip DeLeon
TitleAssociate Dean for Research
DepartmentCollege of Engineering
Voting Member 6
Voting Member 6 NameKaren Kopera-Frye
TitleAssociate Dean for Research
Voting Member 7
Voting Member 7 NameJoanne Esparza
TitleInterim Director
Voting Member 8
Voting Member 8 NameRebecca Palacios
TitleChair URC
Voting Member 9
Voting Member 10
Voting Member 11
Voting Member 12
Voting Member 13
Voting Member 14
Voting Member 15
Voting Member 16
Voting Member 17
Voting Member 18
Voting Member 19
Voting Member 20
Voting Member 21
Voting Member 22
Voting Member 23
Voting Member 24
Voting Member 25
Voting Member 26
Voting Member 27
Voting Member 28
Voting Member 29
Voting Member 30
Voting Member 31
Voting Member 32
Voting Member 33
Voting Member 34
Voting Member 35
Voting Member 36
Voting Member 37
Voting Member 38
Voting Member 39
Voting Member 40
Voting Member 41
Voting Member 42
Voting Member 43
Voting Member 44
Voting Member 45
Voting Member 46
Voting Member 47
Voting Member 48
Voting Member 49
Voting Member 50
Voting Member 51
Voting Member 52
Voting Member 53
Voting Member 54
Voting Member 55
Voting Member 56
Voting Member 57
Voting Member 58
Voting Member 59
Voting Member 60
Voting Member 61
Voting Member 62
Voting Member 63
Voting Member 64
Voting Member 65
Voting Member 66
Voting Member 67
Voting Member 68
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Members
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 1
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 2
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 3
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 4
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 5
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 6
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 7
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 8
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 9
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 10
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 11
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 12
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 13
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 14
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 15
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 16
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 17
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 18
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 19
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 20
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 21
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 22
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 23
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 24
What university office/function provides administrative support to this board?

Office of the VPR

What are the requirements for the number of meetings to be held annually?

12, second Thursday

Was the requirement for the number of meetings met?Yes
List of Meeting Dates

Second Wednesday of each month at 3 pm

Major Accomplishments

As of January 1, 2017, which is the time this Chair assumed responsibility of the committee, the Board is in a continual review of the research enterprise by evaluating the current research resources available, sustainability of these resources and interdisciplinary prospects for these resources across departments and colleges. The Board is also developing a directory of faculty panel reviewers that have served in such position for NSF, NIH, USDA, Foundation grants, and industry to strengthen the review process for limited submissions grant opportunities. Currently, the Board is reviewing the technological processes of the grant/faculty interface of services provided through ARGIS and GRID.

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