CONTACT INFORMATIONFor the person completing this report.
NameKatrina Doolittle
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Official Name of the BoardCommunicable Disease Preparedness Committee (CDPC)
Board Website (if applicable)
Effective date of establishment06/2006
Authorizing Body or OfficialPresident
Type of BoardStanding

The purpose and authority of the Communicable Disease Preparedness Committee (CDPC) is the development and implementation of policies and actions necessary for the well-being of students, staff and faculty in case of a significant outbreak of a communicable disease on NMSU campus(es) and to develop plans for continuity of essential operations in the event of a disaster. This committee works directly with the various NMSU entities to accomplish this planning and preparedness. Communicable Disease Preparedness Committee is responsible for the Continuity of Operation Planning outlined in the Emergency Preparedness Policy 2.25. The All Hazards Emergency Operations Plan cites Medical Incident Command as having authority for an incident involving communicable disease.
A communicable disease is one with known contagiousness and potential for serious complications or death. The CDPC goal is to identify efficient strategies that 1) prevent disease outbreaks, 2) protect the NMSU population in the event of a disease outbreak, 3) respond to the inevitable disease outbreak, 4) recover from disease outbreaks and 5) reduce or mitigate losses and disruption of operations at NMSU.

The CDPC is advisory to administration on medical incidents and makes recommendation to the President with the Emergency Planning Committee when it comes to issues of public health. The CDPC Steering subcommittee will advise campus President’s on issues of public health and coordination of response to incidents.

Scope of ImpactSystem

The CDPC is a standing committee represented by positions at the level of Director or Department Head or close designee that have authority to develop/recommend new policy and implement action plans. The CDPC, in conjunction with the Emergency Planning Committee, is responsible for planning and preparedness regarding Continuity of Operations, health disasters, and other disasters of long duration. The CDPC is advisory to the President and makes recommendations when it comes to issues of public health. The CDPC *Steering subcommittee is the core advisory group to the President and Community College Presidents on issues of public health and coordination of response to such incidents.

Chair for 2016-17 Academic Year
NameKatrina Doolittle
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Co-Chair for 2016-17 Academic Year
Was there a co-chair for 2016 - 2017?Yes
Co-chair NameLori McKee
Co-chair EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
NameKatrina Doolittle
Chair for 2017-18 Academic Year
Co-Chair for 2017-18 Academic Year
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Is there a co-chair for 2017 - 2018?Yes
Co-chair NameLori McKee
Co-chair EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
Additional Membership Details
What university function/office is responsible for appointments?

The President may appoint new department or divisions. The Vice Presidents and Dean’s appoint members which represent their departments that have essential functions. The departments are recommended by the co-chairs of the CDPC.

Members are appointed byBy Position
Position appointment description

o There is a Standing CDPC with a Steering Subcommittee with members identified by position
o The larger CDPC is a standing committee represented by positions at the level of Director or Department Head or close level designee that have authority to develop/recommend new policy and implement action plans. Members represent critical units with essential functions recommended per “Blueprint for Pandemic Flu Preparedness Planning for Colleges and Universities”.

Is membership representative?Yes
What are the terms of appointment?


Please describe how the membership is representative.

Members represent critical units with essential functions recommended per “Blueprint for Pandemic Flu Preparedness Planning for Colleges and Universities”.

Are terms staggered?No
Are members subject to reappointment?No
List board members for the 2016-17 academic year:For each member, provide name, title and college/department affiliation under the appropriate heading below (i.e. voting member OR ex-officio/non-voting member).
What is the process for filling vacant positions?

Chair of CDPC requests Dean or Vice President to identify the individual to take the lead for the designated unit.

What is the process for selecting a chair?

Chair and co-chair are position appointments

Number of voting members22
Number of ex-officio/non-voting members2
Voting Members
Voting Member 1
Voting Member 1 NameVacant Vacant
TitleAssistant Vice President
DepartmentAuxiliary Operations
Voting Member 2 NameDwayne Wisniewski
Voting Member 2
TitleResident District Manager
Voting Member 3
DepartmentSodexo Campus Dining Services
Voting Member 3 NameNorma Noel
TitleBusiness Services Officer
Voting Member 4
Voting Member 4 NameLori McKee
DepartmentBusiness & Finance
TitleExecutive Director,and CDPC Co-Chair
DepartmentCampus Health Center
Voting Member 5
Voting Member 5 NameJudi Voelz
TitlePhysician/Medical Director
DepartmentCampus Health Center
Voting Member 6
Voting Member 6 NameConnie DeBlieck
TitleAssistant Professor, School of Nursing
DepartmentCollege of Health & Social Services
Voting Member 7
Voting Member 7 NameMichael Jasek
DepartmentDean of Students
Voting Member 8
Voting Member 8 NameJohnny Carrillo
DepartmentFire Department
Voting Member 9
Voting Member 9 NameChristopher Bare
TitleDACC Health Occupations and DACC EMS Program
DepartmentDona Ana Community College Business and Public Health Division
Voting Member 10
Voting Member 10 NameKatrina Doolittle
TitleExecutive Director, CDPC co-Chair
DepartmentEnvironmental Health & Safety
Voting Member 11 NameTimothy Dobson
Voting Member 11
DepartmentFacilities Operations
TitleExecutive Director, Operations
Voting Member 12 NameMatt Crouse
Voting Member 12
Voting Member 13
Voting Member 13 NameAndrew Pena
TitleAssistant Vice President
DepartmentHuman Resource Services
Voting Member 14 NameRandey Bamford
Voting Member 14
TitlePlanning Officer
DepartmentInformation & Technology Services
Voting Member 15 NameMichael Schmelzle
Voting Member 15
TitleInternational Student Scholar Services Director
DepartmentOffice of International & Border Programs
Voting Member 16
Voting Member 16 NameMichael O'Larey
TitleHead Athletic Trainer
DepartmentIntercollegiate Athletics
Voting Member 17
Voting Member 17 NameKelly Hamilton
TitleDirector, Office of AG Biosecurity
DepartmentNew Mexico Department of Agriculture
Voting Member 18
Voting Member 18 NameStephen Lopez
DepartmentPolice Department
Voting Member 19
Voting Member 19 NameLuis Vazquez
TitleAssociate VP for Research Integrity
DepartmentResearch Office
Voting Member 20
Voting Member 20 NameJoAnne Dupre
TitleBiosafety Manager
DepartmentOffice of Research Compliance
Voting Member 21
Voting Member 21 NameTom Dean
TitleCo-Director,Southwest Border Food Safety & Defense Center
DepartmentCooperative Extension Service SW District Supervisory Unit
Voting Member 22
Voting Member 22 NameMinerva Baumann
TitleDirector, Media Relations
DepartmentUniversity Communications Marketing & Services
Voting Member 23
Voting Member 24
Voting Member 25
Voting Member 26
Voting Member 27
Voting Member 28
Voting Member 29
Voting Member 30
Voting Member 31
Voting Member 32
Voting Member 33
Voting Member 34
Voting Member 35
Voting Member 36
Voting Member 37
Voting Member 38
Voting Member 39
Voting Member 40
Voting Member 41
Voting Member 42
Voting Member 43
Voting Member 44
Voting Member 45
Voting Member 46
Voting Member 47
Voting Member 48
Voting Member 49
Voting Member 50
Voting Member 51
Voting Member 52
Voting Member 53
Voting Member 54
Voting Member 55
Voting Member 56
Voting Member 57
Voting Member 58
Voting Member 59
Voting Member 60
Voting Member 61
Voting Member 62
Voting Member 63
Voting Member 64
Voting Member 65
Voting Member 66
Voting Member 67
Voting Member 68
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Members
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 1
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 1 NameSonia White
TitleMulti-Media Specialist DACC Learning Technology Center
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 2
DepartmentEmployee Council
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 2 NameJeffrey Tim Query
FirstJeffrey Tim
TitleProfessor, Finance
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 3
DepartmentFaculty Senate
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 4
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 5
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 6
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 7
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 8
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 9
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 10
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 11
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 12
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 13
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 14
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 15
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 16
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 17
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 18
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 19
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 20
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 21
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 22
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 23
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 24
What university office/function provides administrative support to this board?

Office of Research Compliance, Biosafety Manager

What are the requirements for the number of meetings to be held annually?

Quarterly meetings are scheduled and convened based on current issues and work agenda

Was the requirement for the number of meetings met?Yes
List of Meeting Dates

September13, 2016
December 13, 2016

Major Accomplishments

Updated the NMSU Communicable Disease Response plan
Created NMSU Guide to Preparing a Continuity of Operations Plan (CoOP) and updated the CoOP All Hazards Template
Reviewed 16 Departmental CoOP documents and provided feedback
Facilitated response to Legionella testing and suspected whooping cough

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