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Official Name of the Board
Degree Revocation and Expulsion Hearing Board
Residency Appeals Board
Faculty Grievance Review Board
Radiation Safety Committee
ASNMSU Student Body
Selection Committee - Patricia Christmore Faculty Teaching Award
Student Fee Review Board
Communicable Disease Preparedness Committee (CDPC)
University Teaching Council
Naming Committee
Faculty Advisory Committee on Technology (FACT)
University Budget Committee
Campus Planning Committee
Sustainability Council
Committee for the Assessment of Student Learning across the Baccalaureate Experience (CASL-BE)
Emergency Planning Committee
Committee for the Assessment of Student Learning in General Education (CASL-GE)
University Outcomes Assessment Council (UOAC)
Outcomes Assessment Committee for Co-Curriculum, Administration, and Operations
Advocates for Scholarly Teaching
Space Committee
President's Communications Council
Award Selection Committee – Ralph B Crouch Memorial Award
NMSU Employee Council
Official Name of the Board

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