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CONTACT INFORMATIONFor the person completing this report.
NameMichael Ray
EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
Official Name of the BoardNMSU System Diversity Board
Effective date of establishment08/2013
Authorizing Body or OfficialPresident
Type of BoardStanding
Scope of ImpactSystem

The NMSU System Diversity Council is a standing advisory body to the President of NMSU.


The NMSU System Diversity Council is authorized to serve the following functions:

a. To examine structural issues and policies to provide advice to the NMSU President relating to discrimination, diversity, and inclusion throughout the NMSU system. These issues include and are not limited to: the recruitment and retention of underrepresented students, faculty and staff at all NMSU campuses, and the systematic development and maintenance of equity and inclusion throughout the NMSU system. The creation of this system-wide diversity council does not preclude the individual campuses from appointing a campus-based group, ad hoc or standing, to address diversity issues. Advice and recommendations from such campus groups to central administration shall be brought to the NMSU System Diversity Council through each campus' member representative on the NMSU System Diversity Council.

b. To provide informed advice on equity and access as well as actively participate in university process to assist in development, assessing and achieving Vision 2020 Diversity Goals and supporting planning documents that will be developed by our units and community colleges.

Chair for Current Year
NameMichael Ray
Co-chair NameJuan Garcia
Chair for Next Year
NameJuan Garcia
Additional Membership Details
What university function/office is responsible for appointments?

a. Americain Indian Program
b. Black Programs
c. Chicano Programs
d. Indian Resource Development Program
e. LGBT+ Program
f. Student Accessibility Services
g. Hispanic Faculty Staff Caucus
h. Tribal Voice Working Group
i. HSI Working Group
j. Collge Assistance Migrant Program
k. Faculty Senate
m. Graduate Student Council
n. NMSU Employee Council
o. College of Ag
p. College of Arts and Sciences
q. College of Business
r. College of Education
s. College of Health and Services
t. University Library
u. Athletics Department
v. Office of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
w. Alamogordo Community College
x. Carlsbad Community College
y. Dona Ana Community College
z. Grants Community College
aa. Office of Institutional Equity, ex officio

Members are appointed byCombination
Position appointment description

a-j. the Director or equivalent head
k-n. through its Chair or President
o-v. through its Dean, Vice President or equivalent
w-z. President of the respective campus
aa. Director of OIE of their designee

Is membership representative?Yes

It covers various programs, colleges, councils, and campuses in the NMSU system.

What are the terms of appointment?

a-j. Permanent seat
k-n. Two-year terms
o-v. Two-year terms
w-z. Two-year terms

Are terms staggered?Yes
Are members subject to reappointment?Yes
Please explain the conditions under which members are subject to reappointment.

dependent upon the member appointment rep condition.

What is the process for filling vacant positions?

contacting the appointing representative.

What is the process for selecting a chair?

Officers of the Executive Committee (Chair, Chair-Elect, Immediate Past Chair, and a Secretary) are elected from the membership by a majority of the voting members of the council.

Voting Members
Number of voting members24
Voting Member 1 NameMichael Ray
DepartmentAmerican Indian Program
Voting Member 2 NameFestus Addo-Yobo
DepartmentBlack Programs
Voting Member 3 NameLaura Gutierrez-Spencer
DepartmentChicano Programs
Voting Member 4 NameCynthia Bejarano
TitlePrincipal Investigator
DepartmentCollege Assistance Migrant Program
Voting Member 5 NameJeanelle Chavez
TitleProgram Specialist
DepartmentIndian Resource Development Program
Voting Member 6 NameMonica Dunivan
TitleProgram Coordinator
DepartmentMilitary and Veterans Programs
Voting Member 7 NameZooey Sophia Pook
DepartmentLGBT+ Program
Voting Member 8 NameTrudy Luken
DepartmentStudent Accessibility Services
Voting Member 9 NameThomas Douglas
TitleActivities Director
Voting Member 10 NameJames Hall
TitleAssc. Athletics Director
Voting Member 11 NameJohn Idowu
DepartmentCollege of Ag
Voting Member 12 NameAnne Hubbell
TitleAssc. Dean
DepartmentCollege of Arts and Science
Voting Member 13 NameCarol Flinchbaugh
DepartmentCollege of Business
Voting Member 14 NameRudolfo Chavez Chavez
DepartmentCollege of Education
Voting Member 15 NameDouglas Cortes
DepartmentCollege of Engineering
Voting Member 16 NameErnesto Moralez
DepartmentCollege of Health and Social Services
Voting Member 17 NameKeith Mandebach
DepartmentEmployee Council
Voting Member 18 NameMerranda Marin
DepartmentFaculty Senate
Voting Member 19 NameJuan Garcia
Voting Member 20 NameEduardo Chappa
Voting Member 21 NameGerri Martinez
Voting Member 22 NameGene Romero
Voting Member 23 NameCarol Hicks
DepartmentStudent Affairs and Enrollment Management
Voting Member 24 NameSarah Allison
DepartmentUniversity Library
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Members
Number of ex-officio/non-voting members1
Ex-officio/Non-Voting Member 1 NameJerry Navarez
DepartmentOffice of Institutional Equity
What university office/function provides administrative support to this board?

Administrative support shall be provided from among council members

What are the requirements for the number of meetings to be held annually?


Was the requirement for the number of meetings met?Yes
List of Meeting Dates

15 Sept 15
12 Oct 15
2 Nov 15
7 Dec 15
19 Jan 16
1 Feb 16
7 Mar 16
4 Apr 16
2 May 16

Major Accomplishments

Brought up concerns about the formation of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.
Brought up concerns about the Deloitte Study.
Brought up concerns about General Education Requirements.
Met with Provost and President regarding the concerns of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion organizational structure.